Team 9 are security consultants with unparalleled knowledge. experience.

We have advised the highest levels of UK government, and commercial organisations including finance, aviation and insurance industry partners.

We have held responsibility for Royal Family and executive protection both in the UK and overseas.

Security consultancy - Protecting Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family
Team 9 - Security consultancy offering Intelligence, Close Protection & Static guarding

We have strong academic, intelligence capabilities and relationships.
We know organisations face threats from a multitude of areas.

We have developed a range of ‘Human Factor’ behaviour training which is designed to identify and mitigate those threats.

Team 9 - Human Factor behaviour training - mitigate threats

Our Services

  • The management, deployment and training of advanced behaviour detection including Fixated Threats and high-risk threat actors.
  • Communication, Persuasion and De-escalation training. Safe and discreet resolution techniques.
  • Executive and VIP close protection services. This includes oversight, system review and advanced training.
  • Insider threat identification and management
  • Intelligence for business
  • We have over 400 highly trained and licenced security staff available to deploy